Banner Design

What is it?

Banner or Sign design is crucial to getting prospective customers in the door. Whether creating a design for a banner sign in front of your store or a design that is on a major highway, you MUST capture the customers that come are passing by while fighting against the various competitors that may be doing the same thing. Just like with logo design a banner design is a representation of your company to customers who many not have already considered to utilize your services. Your Banner design should include some key points, such as, your logo, who you are, what you do, what you’re offering, why it matters to “me”. Me being the customer you are looking attract.

Why is it important?

A good banner design is a sure way to increase your company’s visibility. Once a customer sees your banner is they will decide within the matter of second whether it is relevant or useful to them. For this reason, having a good banner design should be important to every business owner because it can often result in building an identity for you in the eyes of your company. You can use good banner design to combat negative Public Relations or even promote a new product or service.

How we do it.

Metrovista Designers are well versed in banner design and the science of design structure for the human eye. Along with this expertise comes the simple fact that we care about your company. We will help you to decide what would work esthetically for your designs based on your current branding or desired branding.


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    Execution is the number one thing in all the marketing world. Let us help you to get your goals accomplished. Whether Market, Design, or Print we’ll make sure that it’s A+ grade and you’re satisfied 100% with our work!


“They did an awesome job on my printing needs and we are in conversations for expanding my internet presence. Great service and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!”

– Lisa Rodriguez