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Our nonprofit marketing consultants work with different nonprofit organizations to develop clear messages, while focusing on the targeted donors and supporters. The website is a first impression for future supporters of any organization, therefore, it need to represent the organization clearly and strategically to transform website visitors to long term supporters and advocates for the organization’s cause.

The nonprofit marketers at Metrovista will design and create a robust strategy for you so that you can concentrate on running your organization. Whether you need more donations, need help launching your new organization, or simply want online presence, we have the skills and expertise needed to give you the results you envisioned for your nonprofit organization.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What is your goal? Awareness, online presence, donations?
  • How much are you trying to raise?
  • Is your website optimized, provide clear message, and tailored for the targeted audience?
  • Does your organization appear in search results when donors search for your cause?
  • Does your website have success stories from donors or people who received help from the organization? There’s a huge need for well written stories, informative videos, case studies, reviews and testimonials to attract new advocates.

An extension to your nonprofit organization

Metrovista combine online and offline strategies to help nonprofit organizations get the best results possible. Whether you need help with branding, graphic design, banners, or promotional products, we provide all solutions under one roof.

Our team will optimize your website to make sure that your organization rank for geo-tagged keywords based on your cause. Call us to learn about our organic marketing, paid marketing strategies, and email marketing to generate leads, increase donations, and get maximum results. Let us work with you to create a custom and well-planned marketing strategy for your organization.

Why partner with Metrovista?

Our award winning graphic designers, print experts, and marketing consultant will work with you to make sure that you succeed in all your goals. 

Metrovista have worked with different nonprofit organizations including dancing for diabetes, DWALY, different religious groups, and more.

What every nonprofit organization website need to have:

  • Well optimized website
  • Social media pages (maintained in timely manner)
  • Branding (website, products, stationery, promotional products, banners, etc.)


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    Let us know your goal

    All marketing starts with a goal. Our contact forms or specialists will guide you through simple questions to help you verbalize what you want to accomplish! We will dedicate some time to hear your story, understand your concerns, challenges, and the vision of your company.

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    Review your options

    We’ll get you the information and strategies that you need to make the best decision for you based on what you want to accomplish. We will send you a proposal showing custom marketing strategies and pricing for your nonprofit organization campaign.

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    Execution is the number one thing in all the marketing world. Let us help you to get your goals accomplished. Whether Market, Design, or Print we’ll make sure that it’s A+ grade and you’re satisfied 100% with our work!



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Typical Hospitality Packages Include:


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Get more Donations for your Non Profit Organization

Not sure how to attract new donors and get the funds you need for your cause. Schedule a free consultation with the marketing team for non profit organization to find out what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it today!