Paid Ads

What is pay per click advertisement?

Paid advertising refers to any sort of advertising that are paid for, versus owned or earned advertising. There are several different types of online advertising and cost models. CPM (Cost-per-thousand) is the most common type of advertising, this model is based around charging for impressions which are counted every time a user sees an ad. Using the pay per click model, or PPC, you are only charged when a user clicks on an advertisement. The price per click is determined by the value of the phrase you are interested in; popular phrases will cost more than less popular phrases. Retargeting is about displaying ad content to people who have already visited your site at least once, by keeping your site on their mind, they are more likely to return and make a purchase. To use an ad space, marketers pay money to the owner of the ad space. At Metrovista, we primarily focus on paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Google. There are several different paid ad spaces on both Facebook and Google, we will determine which ad spaces are best for your business depending on your budget, what types of ads you are wishing to run, and your target audience. Using SEO along with Google paid ads is one of the best way to get the most for your money (link to SEO). Google ads are managed through Google’s AdWords advertising platform.

Why is it important?

As more and more businesses create an online presence to advertise, the competition for customer attention is heating up. Over the years, Facebook has changed their algorithms, making it more difficult for businesses to maintain contact with their customers. Paying for digital advertisement guarantees that you are still being seen by your customers. Digital advertising works, as shown by the fact that the average click-through-rate for Facebook ads has gone up by 275% since 2012. Paid ad campaigns create brand awareness and generate leads and revenue. It is important to carefully track results of paid ad campaigns to determine what is and is not working, adjustments can be made with the resulting data. We focus on creating paid ads campaigns on Facebook and Google. Facebook has a wide selection of settings for ads on their service. Most importantly, Facebook allows for targeted campaigns, campaigns targeted at a specific demographic, with a promised accuracy of 89%. Paid ads on Google ensure that you will be placed on search results, regardless of whether your SEO is up to snuff or not.

How we do it.

The Metrovista expert PPC team will focus on bringing you growth through time-tested strategies and new industry discoveries to provide you with trackable results from each Paid Ad Campaign. Contact us to today to find out how we can help you grow your immediate sales through Paid Ads.


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