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Before people consider your school and register for classes, the first thing they do is considering peer reviews, visit your website and/or social media to learn more about the school what it has to offer. The website is a first impression for future students and their parents. Therefore, it need to represent the school clearly and strategically. We understand that your school faculty don’t have the time and the expertise to monitor and maintain websites, that’s why it’s encouraged to partner with private education marketing agency to handle the online marketing so that the faculty and staff can focus on educating the students.   

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is your website descriptive and provide detailed information about the school for prospective students and their families?
  • Is your website optimized and tailored for the targeted audience?
  • Does it tell your story using different forms of content? (text, images, videos, infographics, etc.)
  • Is your website responsive?
  • Can prospect students and their parents reach you through the website?
  • Does your school appear in search results when people search for the classes you offer?
  • Does your website have success stories from students and alumni. There’s a huge need for sharing well written stories, informative videos, case studies, reviews and testimonials to attract new students.

Our promise to you:

Our SEO specialists will optimize your website and make sure that your site shows on the first page of search engines and rank for Geo-tagged keywords based on different services.

We combine organic, paid marketing strategies, and email marketing to generate leads, increase enrollment, and get maximum results. We will work with you to create a robust and well-planned marketing strategies.

Metrovista is a one stop shop for all your marketing needs. We have a team of graphic designers, SEO specialists, print technicians, and web developer in house. Often, our team of marketers combine both online and offline strategies to take our clients to the next level!  

Why work with Metrovista?

We offer different online and offline marketing solutions for all education facilities under one roof. Whether you need help with the graphic designs, promotional products, banners, social, web development, or email marketing, Metrovista can help!

What every education website need to have:

  • Well optimized website
  • Social media pages (maintained in timely manner)
  • Branding (website, products, stationery, promotional products, banners, etc.)


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    Let us know your goal

    All marketing starts with a goal. Our contact forms or specialists will guide you through simple questions to help you verbalize what you want to accomplish! We will dedicate some time to hear your story, understand your concerns, challenges, and the vision of your company.

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    Review your options

    We’ll get you the information and strategies that you need to make the best decision for you based on what you want to accomplish. We will send you a proposal showing custom marketing strategies and pricing for your law firm campaign base on the initial conversation.

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    Execution is the number one thing in all the marketing world. Let us help you to get your goals accomplished. Whether Market, Design, or Print we’ll make sure that it’s A+ grade and you’re satisfied 100% with our work!





“I am starting to get excited again about my Insurance company.”

– Mike Kryger (owner of Pegasus Insurance Florida)

Typical Restaurant Packages Include:


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Get more students to your school

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