Direct Mail

What is it?

Direct mail is a marketing tactic that employs the use of a mail service to deliver promotional mail to a targeted audience. Product catalogs, coupons, free samples, reminders, and announcements are all examples of pieces of direct mail. Direct mail is one of the most cost-effective and least intrusive forms of advertising. As with any campaign (link to campaign page), direct mail requires planning, coordination, and execution. The key to an effective direct mail campaign is to target the correct audience, you do not want your efforts to be tossed into the trash. By precisely targeting your audience with direct mail, you are personally engaging with them, especially if the mailouts have personalized information on them. This personalization allows a deeper understanding of their needs and interests, making it easier to use targeted and persuasive marketing. Our direct marketing services include direct mail design, production, response tracking, one to one marketing, email marketing, integrated direct marketing used personalized URLs and website landing pages, variable data printed materials, personal web pages, mail list acquisition, and marketing data management.

Why is it important?

Direct mail opens one-on-one communication with your target audience. You have control over who receives your message, when it is delivered, what the message looks like, and how many people you target. Direct mail is perfect for target marketing to your ideal customer, marketing on a budget, increasing sales, and improving customer loyalty. The tangible aspect of direct mail is also what makes it appealing, having a customer hold a well-designed advertisement will make it memorable. Technology can be integrated into your direct mail campaign by combining physical mail with QR codes to be scanned with phones or personalized URLs for each customer, making it more memorable and trackable. Conversely, direct mail is available for all audiences, including people who are not great with technology, allowing you to target people that your other marketing methods may miss. Direct feedback is possible through direct mail; reviewing the results of a direct mail campaign makes it possible to see what was effective and what changes should be made to improve future campaigns.

How we can help.

Being in the print business for over 15 years, Metrovista has stood the test of time and are able to provide you with the skills and knowledge to get your mail into the hands of those you need to. Want to grow your business with your existing mail list, or through Every Door Direct Mail, look no further, the Metrovista team is here to help.


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