Promotional Products

What is it?

Promotional products are items that typically carry the name and address of a company, and will sometimes also have information about the products and services that are offered. These items serve as reminders to the customers that retain them. Promotional products tend to be items that are useful, while still reminding customers of the branding on them. In the United States, the first known case of promotional products are commemorative buttons that date back to 1789, during the election of George Washington. Since the 18th century, the scope of promotional products has expanded to include more than just buttons. Typical promotional products include bags, cups, pens, calendars, flash drives, and more. Wearable items constitute the largest product category, making up more than 30% of the total. Promotional products tap into the rule of reciprocity, the idea that people should repay what another person has given them. By giving a person a free product, whether they realize it or not, they may feel obligated to give something in return, such as making a purchase.

Why is it important?

Promotional products raise awareness of a company, brand, or event, and have been proven to be one of the most effective advertising mediums available. Promotional products are tangible and useful for everyday life, to the point that 53% of people use a promotional product at least once a week, ultimately increasing reach and brand awareness. Using a promotional product frequently at home or in private situations has the unique effect of making the item feel personal. By giving away one useful product to one potential customer, you are creating a situation in which they will consistently interact with your brand, long after the initial distribution. Promotional products act as business cards, almost 72% of attendees of an event who were given a promotional product remembered the company giving away the products. The primary principles behind the power of promotional products are word of wear and word of mouth, the most powerful forms of advertising. A person utilizing a promotional product is tacitly promoting that company to people that will see the product as well.

How we can help.

The ability to target your customers with customized company branded products is just another way that Metrovista helps our clients become well recognized brands. Call us know to speak to one of our promotions experts. “Making brands more memorable “Word of Mouth and Word of Wear make the use of promotional products an ingenious strategy for maximizing your brand’s marketing success. Promotional Products are proven to be one of the most effective channels for advertising professionals.

Promotional Products create a personal feel for both your business and your clientele. Promotional products stand as a great complement to these major marketing strategies and many more:

  • Trade shows
  • Employee relations and events
  • Brand awareness
  • Public relations
  • New customer/account generation
  • Employee service awards
  • Not-for-profit programs
  • Internal promotions
  • New product/service introductions
  • Customer goodwill and retention

Looking for a specific item? Browsing & brainstorming ideas for your brand? The Metrovista website has thousands of products to choose from and will easily become your one-stop shop for a winning grand design!


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